A Message to Parents

If you’re like us, your first concern is probably about academics and “academic rigor.” Perhaps you skipped to the “Academics” tab before coming here. As we continue to develop and fine tune our Course of Study, please know that we absolutely share this focus. We want all of our students to graduate high school well prepared to be successful in college. And we will continue to hire the best qualified, most experienced teachers available.

To learn, children need to feel safe. Physical safety comes first, of course. Emotional safety is a close second. At the Peace and Justice Academy, everyone will know your child. Everyone will care for your child. Everyone will make your child’s success his or her priority. That’s what we mean when we say Community. No one at the Academy is alone.

If you are the parent of a highly motivated, driven individual, your child will hit the ground running. We are ready to channel all the excitement and enthusiasm.

But perhaps your child, like many others, suffers from under-achievement, apathy, or low self-esteem. It is enough for us that you are excited and enthusiastic on your child’s behalf.  We will work with you and your child to find your child's strengths, celebrate them, and kindle her/his passions.

Our vision is to open the eyes of this generation, to wake them up to issues they face now and in the future, down the street and around the world.

Motivation is driven by empathy and compassion for others' need. Self-esteem builds from serving those less fortunate, standing up for what we believe, and knowing we make the world a little better for our efforts.

What Our Parents Say

  "Placing my two boys at The Peace and Justice Academy was the best thing I could have done for them and their education. Not only are they learning their academics but they are also learning about our world. They are being taught to think about current issues, the struggles and problems that face us as a community, a country, and the world. They are taught to respect one another, regardless of race or social economic status. I have seen a great amount of growth in both of them, in their way of thinking and in their relationships with others. The staff is wonderful, and they deal with any issue that may arise in a loving and timely manner. Not only do I love this school, but my boys do too. Because of their "no homework" policy, it is a longer school day, and even then, my boys don't want to leave to go home. I would highly recommend this school."  Renee L.

  "Three years ago my husband and I conteplated pulling our son from the Christian private school he had been attending since the 3rd grade. He was now entering the middle school level of the school and were uncertain if he could grow there, not only as an individual but academically , as well. As difficult as the decision was to pull him from his classmates, my son, my husband, and myself found it to be the best decision we could have possibly made. The Peace and Justice Academy has far superceded our expectations. They have a caring, over-qualified staff that could be teaching at various univerisities making far more than they are here but instead they are at this school giving selflessly to my son and to the rest of the children who attend here. They challenge our kids to think for themselves and to think outside the box. These kids are being trained to help change our world and make it a better place for everyone."  Gloria S.

  "I was especially delighted to know that emphasis would be placed on christianity, debate, field Fridays where students would venture throughout southern California communities, establishing relationships with students world-wide, and much more all deeply embedded into instructional planning (aligned with state standards) and implementation. I continue to be awed by the dedication, tenacity, deep level of commitment and sensitivity of the instructors and am thankful that God blessed my son and me with this ideal school.  The staff does an outstanding job of creating a community atmosphere where each cares about and looks out for the other. I encourage families of middle & high school students who are looking for substantive, meaningful, individualized instruction in a small setting to contact & visit this remarkable school!" Cynthia J.